Composite material ECOM

ECOM is a multi-functional conductive composite material.

ECOM mainly consists of iron phosphate binding substances, structured filling compound and conducting additives.

Technical specifications

Mechanical compression strength
Heat capacity
Thermal conductivity
Electrical conductivity
(S∙ m-1)
Heat stability
Continuous heating temperature
Temperature coefficient of resistance
2,6 ÷ 2,810 ÷ 1000,81 ÷ 410-6 ÷ 3000 up to 1100300(1,5 ÷ 2)∙10-3

Special properties of resistive elements made of ECOM

  • Current flows from one electrode to another through the entire volume of the material.
  • Volumetric heat capacity is higher under the same resistance and all other conditions being equal.
  • Negative temperature coefficient of resistance in the case of in-series connection of resistive elements allows equal distribution of heating loads.
  • Lack of heat carrier allows manufacturing of “dry” products without intermediate heat medium.

Application area

ECOM is the basis for structural elements of all manufactured products:

High-voltage resistors:

  • Protective resistors RZ
  • Protective resistors RZ1 for KRU
  • Protective resistors RZ2
  • Shunting resistors RShE
  • RC circuit resistors

Heating appliances:

  • Electric heating boards PEG
  • Heating systems for hydraulic facilities
  • Heating elements for different heating systems

Block-modular load banks.

Products made of ECOM have been tested in the Siberian toxicological center. Based on the tests carried out, the certificate of safe use for people and environment was issued.