Electric heating boards PEG

PEG are used for heating of industrial, domestic and agricultural rooms; they can be used as the main or supplementary heat source. Electric heating boards (PEG) are produced with the use of the new composite conductive ceramic material "ECOM".

Technical specifications

Rated powerkW0,10,250,50,7511,25
Rated voltageеV220220220220220220
Surface operating temperature
(not more than)
Specified time between failures
(not less than)
hours90 00090 00090 00090 00090 00090 000
(not more than)

Continuous unattended operation.

Do not burn and oxidize dust, do not smell, do not dry air and do not destroy oxygen.

Heat transfer from the heating element

Convective heat removal (left) and infrared radiation (right)

Figure – Convective heat removal (left) and infrared radiation (right)

55–60% of heat power is transferred by low-temperature infrared radiation

45-40% of heat power is transferred by convective heat removal

Electric heating boards PEG are 50% more effective than stoves PET (50% of heat power for electric heating of various rooms).