Protective resistors RKE

Shunting resistors RShE are used for limitation of switching overvoltages, shunting of air circuit breaker arcing contacts (VVN air circuit breakers, and others), and partial neutral grounding.

Technical specifications

Rated resistance
Rated system voltage
Maximum permissible voltage
Duration of maximum permissible voltage application
Number of operations under maximum permissible voltageInductance at 300 kHz frequency
(not more than, microhenry)
Climatic modificationOverall dimensions
from 10 to 200from 6 to 48.585from 3 to 0.05335U1380900


U1 means:

U – operation in temperate climate;

1 – outdoor installation.

Weight: not more than 200 kg.


The resistor consists of an active part assembled with disks made of conductive material ECOM. In order to ensure a reliable contact, disk faces are metalized with aluminium.

Lateral surface of an active part is covered with glass fiber plastic made of organosilicate material.

The active part is placed into a porcelain insulator closed with a top and bottom cover. Belleville springs located between the active part and the top cover provide constant axial prepressure of an active part.

A safety valve and a silica gel filter (tube) for connecting the inside chamber of the resistor with the atmosphere are installed on the bottom cover of the resistor. A safety valve is installed when assembling the resistor, whereas a silica gel filter (tube) is installed when mounting the resistor. When transporting the resistor, filter (tube) space is closed with a textolite cap.

Application area

  • Shunting of air circuit breaker arcing contacts (VVN air circuit breakers, and others).
  • Neutral grounding in 6-35 kV networks for relay selectivity at single phase-to-ground faults.
  • Using in current-limiting devices (TOU-N) for neutral grounding in transformers and autotransformers at power plants and distribution substation (110-500 kV) for single phase-to-ground current limitation.
Shunting resistors RShE