Resistors for RC circuits

RC circuit resistors are used for limitation of switching overvoltages.

Technical specifications

Rated resistanceRated system voltageClimatic modificationMechanical performance group of vibration strengthLife time
5…200 ± 10% Ohm6 – 110 kVUHL3M39not less than 10 years


UHL3 means:

UHL – operation in cold temperate climate;

3 – indoor installation.


Resistors consist of three protective resistor elements fixed in an insulating frame of glass fiber plastic. Each element is assembled from conductive disk-shape elements made of composite material ECOM.

RC circuit resistors with required voltage as well as RC circuits can be manufactured on request.

RC circuit is a resistor in an insulating frame of glass fiber plastic placed on base insulators. A capacitor bank is located on the top cover.