Conract supervision

LLC BOLID specialists consult and supervise mounting of high-voltage resistors including assembling of resistive banks in field.

Contract supervision is one of the most important stages in production scheduling. This stage provides future reliable and no-failure operation of the equipment.

Services of contract supervision specify general technical and technological control over the production, theoretical and practical training of customer’s personnel, and quality control of the assembly process. Contract supervision is mandatory attended by LLC BOLID specialists who come to the area of installation and operation.

During contract supervision, our specialist should:

  • Check availability of documentation.
  • Check the package contents and integrity of delivered equipment to comply with a packing list.
  • Check components, assembly elements and materials, composition of SPTA (spare parts, tools and accessories).
  • Check conformity of the foundation for equipment installation to the design.
  • Control quality of the assembly process.
  • Measure resistance of the resistor and check obtained values for conformity to the certified (rated) values.
  • Give instructions to the operating personnel about equipment operation and maintenance.
  • Consult customer’s personnel during assembling.

Contract supervision is included to the cost of equipment.

You may consult our technical specialists about contract supervision and assembling of the equipment.